Wiki-project editor, TinyMCE -- problems with object-orientation of version 4, defaulting to version 3 features
Note: the upshot of this is "how does a graphic program, beit text or drawing, work?  Because all the apps that I use are so "purposed" that I feel I have to start from scratch to create something my future users and peer-reviewers can use...

I am working on a wiki proof of concept, and I have it working the way I want --but with font-size and -color for section headings.  Of course I want to use H1, etc, but I cannot if I am using newlines (over "forced" paragraphs), which I feel is a requirement for wiki-type writing that can be creative or technical.

If BR's are set, and there are two heading blocks are in sequence, there is no way to get in between them except to insert a
using the HTML editor (which is something wiki-editors probably should not do).  Hitting enter  just adds new lines to the heading rather than leaving the block as happens when tinymce is configured for "forced" paragraphs.

Bullet list blocks are not a problem because they jump out of the block by entering two empty newlines. 

I am hoping I can escape heading blocks with the BR implementation, because BR has otherwise worked well for me for a few years (since Google docs became Drive and forced paragraphs) and I think it is a wiki-requirement.

(In other words, my goal is to get the very bottom pict working with h1, etc, with text going to the canvas or background or what ever it is called--root block? Dunno.

I have created a package with my editor in three modes: BR, P, and workaround w/ font-size and -color.  It also includes a  mongoose server for windows that starts on port 4040 (so should not interfere w/ other servers) with a start bat file.  There is a similar readme file in the top directory.

Below are "snips" of the P and BR examples:



Drop-down menu -- newlines with font-size and -color for headings that can switch back to text

Here is the link to the package I created to show the proof of concept and the differences in behavior: …

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