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The art of photojournalism: It thrills me that people like my photography, enough to present it as a business venture. The content is social, for the most part, and natural. My galleries are below.
Art Production Environment, Torrington Machine: Torrington, CT, where I live, is a dying factory town waiting for capital for revival. My goal is to create a new economy that simply converts recently closed factories into art production environments.
Empathy: Spiritual Darwinism: My primary topic is empathy; this web presentation is significant in that it was written for my professor/mentor, Alan Mandell at Empire State College, and attempts to "win over" social scientists to the neurological approach to empathy. Better described as emotional communication, empathy is the goal of evolution through the development of the empathic neurons in all higher creatures, such as the mirror and spindle cells. Without empathy there is no society, only pain.
Technology writing and the Thinman OS platform: My first career was during the information revolution of the 1990s. Since the long, slow tech crash of 2000-03, there have been precious few significant information break-throughs. The Thinman is an fully open, yet sparse, operating system implementation (initially developed during that period) that attempts to bring information technology to a new level utilizing a fully open VM (inspired by the Perl CPAN system), and the L4 microkernel.
My writing index: I do much of my writing on the Wikiversity on therapy, society, education, and technology; my "user page" there as an index. My writing extends empathy ideas into theraputic and social revolution, and all of it attempts to tie together into a single model for humanity, or at least the Torrington area.